“My Antonia”- Willa Cather

This book made me cry, actually I wept- but in a good way if thats possible. I had never heard of this book, or the author. Now that I have read this book I tell everyone about it. The way the author describes the prairies and wide open spanses of Nebraska is breath taking. Reading “My Antonia” was like reading a “Little House on the Prairie” episode, but a billion times better. Normally, “My Antonia” wouldn’t be a long or hard read, but it seemed like every time I would sit to read, I would get distracted, so it took some time. It was a pretty easy read, and very easy to fall in love with the characters of the book. I absolutely adored Antonia, and the other girls of the town. Reading about the children growing up, it felt like I was growing up with them. Anytime I read this book, it was easy to be transported to the hot Nebraska summer, especially with the heat we’ve been having.

By the title, I assumed this would be a love story, and it was, but not in the happily ever after, boy meets girl, boy wins girls heart, love , marriage and a baby carriage. There is a different type of love, a bond and a friendship and is uncommon between opposite sexes today. The way they so freely and easily cared for one another is both touching and astounding. No matter what amount of time elapsed, they still had an undefined and unsaid love for one another.

Reading this book made my heart ache. It was so sad to read the trials and struggles of the families in the harsh environment. This book made me laugh at the childish naivety of many of their situations. It was a wonderful summer read. Not too heavy, not so easy that it was dull. A kid in middle school or high school could read this book, enjoy and get different points out of it. Personally, I was not disappointed.


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