“Helen Of Troy”- Margaret George

The soft winds of the sea blow in bringing the salty sweet fragrance of a warm summer day. The servants bustle around the palace as the sounds from the town flow up to the windows. Shouts of trade, friendship and feuds. As you read “Helen of Troy,” you don’t just see words, but hear, feel, taste and see the vivid blooming world of ancient times. Everyone knows the story of Troy. Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom in all of their tanned glory have helped play a role. Hollywood does a great job of selling the action, passion and sex; but Margaret George gives you the ability to build a relationship with the woman who brought the destruction of the ancient world- Helen. What I really like about the book is the progression through her life. Starting as a young child til the end. By no stretch of the imagination is any of it boring. Another very key part of the book is the mythology. The Greek gods like Zeus, Hera, and Aphrodite entwine into this mortal story. Margaret finally takes what we learn in english and history and makes it applicable to how people really lived and what they believed.

The thing that absolutely makes this book is the profound detail. The way she describes the simplest things. A wall is not just a wall. Its stones came from a nearby city, painted by delicate artists, and as the sun hits it just so, one would think that it was glowing. It’s not the turns and twists, (let’s face it everyone knows the story, there’s not much surprise) but how ‘ presented. It’s like as you’re reading, little gifts that are finely wrapped. History buffs REJOICE! For although with most historical fiction, not everything is right; George did a splendid job with being historically accurate.

“Helen of Troy” is the kind of book you can’t wait to finish, but once you do, you’re left wanting more. An easy read, with a bit of girth to it. Being the girl that I am, I enjoy the love story, having no fear that the need for action is fulfilled. Not my favorite book of all time, it’s somewhat uniform (there’s only so much to be done with a story retold thousands of times). This would be the perfect book to take to the beach, dig your toes in the sand and be transported to the Greek islands…

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