Death By Chocolate Cake Review

Who doesn’t love cake!? And what’s more, who doesn’t love chocolate cake. But not just regular chocolate cake, but death by chocolate cake. This is our first food review! Wednesday the 16th is Anna’s birthday and her dad got her a cake from a friend. This friend is April Thorum! She started out working in a local bakery but now has a business of her own April’s Sweet Celebrations making AMAZING cakes just the way you want.
Anna: This is my 3rd or 4th cake that April has made. Previously I have enjoyed her chocolate peanut butter cakes. OMG AMAZING! This is my first death by chocolate. One thing that I have always found consistent about her cakes is that they are ALWAYS moist! I don’t think I have ever eaten cakes that are so consistently moist and fluffy. The gnoche between the two layers of fluffy cake is just enough to fulfill the chocolatey-ness needed with out being over bearing or too rich. The frosting is billowy with just a light cocoa flavor. Again, I don’t find the need to drink a gallon of milk because the frosting is too rich or too heavy. She then cloaks the cake with a bath of chocolate goodness. When one hears the title “death by chocolate” you automatically assume you will go into chocolate coma. This cake was soo enjoyable because though there was plenty of chocolate to be found, I didn’t feel like I had taken a chocolate punch to the face. I give this cake a solid 9. The only reason it doesn’t get a full ten is because there are probably some people that would like more chocolate, but for me it was just right. 🙂 And who doesn’t like their own birthday cake?

Kiersten: This is the first cake that I had from Aprils’s Sweet Celebration. As far as “Death By Chocolate” I was a bit disappointed. I wanted more chocolate! I wanted my teeth to chatter from the sugar! Don’t get me wrong the cake was incredibly moist and delicious but with a name like “Death By Chocolate” I just expected more. I would probably call it “Coma By Chocolate”.

Visit April’s facebook page for full contact info to get your own April’s Sweet Celebrations cake or e-mail her at

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