Meeting the Neighbor

Our super nice neighbors have a super adorable dog named Miller. Miller is our friendly bud who loves to run over to our side of the yard to say hi…all of the time. He also LOVES swimming. They too have a pool and he has learned how to use the ladder to get both in and out when he’s not super-dog jumping in. He’s an absolute sweetheart and while Eric and I were out checking on the girls, Miller decided to pay a visit.

IMG_2733 IMG_2734

He just wanted to play with them! He had been around chickens before, so he was very aware of them. The pen stood up to his gentle giant pawing, in his feeble attempt to say “hi.” I’m now pretty confident that the pen and coop are predator proof. 😉 And being the sassy ladies that they are, they stood right along the fence taunting the poor guy like the knew he couldn’t bust through and get them.

IMG_2736 IMG_2737

They also discovered the nesting boxes. Their first few days they stayed on the lower level and grass. Eric went out and plopped them all up there the day before so that they would figure it out. By this evening they were “flying” up and down, not even using the ramp. By the time we said goodnight to Miller (and the neighbors) the four of them were all settled up in their boxes for the evening.

The other great entertainment of the day was watching one of the girls get a worm while the other three chased her around the run in an attempt to get a piece of the delicious new treat.

I believe I can officially say the chickens have made a fully successful transition into their new home.

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