Spellbound Trilogy- Nikki Jefford


A friend of mine posted this on Facebook the other day. It’s funny because it is so true. I spent high school, and most of middle school reading Shakespeare and classics- ya know, the stuff adults read. It’s like I somehow went from reading children’s books to adult books and missed young adult somewhere in my rush to grow up. Now that I’m going to school to be an English teacher with a 7th-12th grade certification, I’m going backwards. I want to be able to competently converse and suggest books to my students. This series is part of that attempt.

The Spellbound trilogy is, obviously, a set of three books. Rarely do I get through a series if it has more than this. I lose interest, lose track of when books are coming out, I find something better….really it’s just a thing.

Thankfully, the Spellbound series has no vampires. Or werewolves. Or goblins. Or dragons. Just witches and warlocks. I can deal with that. Graylee Perez is your average everyday junior in high school, except, she has an evil twin- Charlene. They, along with their mother and deceased father, are all magical. Kind of in a Harry Potter, general way. They can levitate, some can heal, go invisible, telepathy-ya know, generic magic stuff.

Until Graylee dies. Suddenly. And nobody knows why. But then she comes back to life. In her sisters body. She, along with her mother, sister, and a few different members of their coven must figure out how to bring her back, to her own body, or uh, at least a body that isn’t in the ground decomposing.

Follow Graylee Perez and the rest of her magical world through these three, entertaining easy reads! I would definitely recommend these to my high school students who like a twist of the magical, a wee bit of romance, a dash of mystery, and some serious problem solving. Oh, and the book covers are STUNNING!


2 thoughts on “Spellbound Trilogy- Nikki Jefford

  1. That sign is hilarious. I can relate. There are times I feel self conscious perusing the young adult section of a bookstore. Other than Harry Potter, which I felt was okay to read since everyone was reading it, I’ve read the popular YA books like The Hunger Games and Percy Jackson. I felt embarrassed about approaching the YA section to find those books each time.

    Nice post!.

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