Pura Vida Bracelets

I had heard of this company last year some time. I finally decided to take the plunge and order some. I already wear Alex and Ani bangles, and have a friendship bracelet from Guatemala that a friend gave to me. I totally want to be one of those cool girls with half an arm of different bangles and bracelets. I am slowly working towards that goal. I knew that if I was going to justify spending the money on these guys they had to mean something.

Pura Vida helps by providing jobs in Costa Rica, thus helping their families and the economy. YAY! That’s reason #1 why they’re pretty cool.

Along with lots of “fun” sets and bracelets, they also have a TON of charity bracelets. A portion of those proceeds go toward different charities and organizations. Want to help save dolphins? There’s a bracelet for that. Want to support Premature Baby Awareness?

“In 2013 we were able to donate over $140,000 to 190+ charity organizations and we’ve only grown since then.”-Pura Vida

They have braided, mens, sets, beaded, charity, anklets, ones with charms– they seriously have a HUGE variety. There’s a bracelet for it! Seriously, you can go through by category, it’s pretty sweet.

For my first purchase, my mother and I each got a Breast Cancer Awareness and Forgotten Warriors bracelets. We also ordered a few extra Breast Cancer Awareness ones to share with friends in honor of our friend Shelly. You can read her story here. I am the daughter of an Army veteran, with many other friends and family that have served and are currently serving around the US and the world. These two causes are very near and dear to my heart. I certainly have a whole list of other bracelets to add to my collection.


Reason number 3 is that they are both adjustable and don’t stay wet on your arm. I love my Guatemala friendship bracelet, but it is made of regular “friendship bracelet string.” When I shower or it gets wet, it stays wet for a bit. Not forever, but enough that it kind of annoys me. It’s also not adjustable. The Pura Vida bracelets are adjustable AND they dry pretty quickly. I have very tiny wrists, so it’s nice that I can pull them comfortably and not have to worry about them falling off.

Shipping is FREE within the US, which is AWESOME! Nothing is worse than paying more for shipping than the actual item(s) you are getting. The bracelets are all very reasonably priced. They do also have sale bracelets. On top of all of that, they have super cute accessories like hair bands, beanies, water bottles, phone cases etc.

Our bracelets arrived last week in a super cute turquoise package. Each bracelet comes in its own little canvas draw string bag for safe keeping, gift giving, yadda yadda.


I was able to have a text sent to my phone when the package was delivered, which was definitely pretty cool, and way easier than checking online every 30 minutes. The package also included two little Pura Vida stickers. I am still trying to figure out where they will go, but they’re adorable.


It seems kind of silly, to be writing about something so simple. I mean, there are quite a number of bracelets that are under $10, $5 even! It’s not like I broke the bank getting these guys. I’ve only had them for a little over a week and have already gotten compliments and questions about them though! It is so neat to be able to tell people what the bracelets support as well as what the company supports. They have a great rewards/points/referral program as well! WOOP WOOP!

I can’t wait to continue building my own Pura Vida collection, and see my friends and family start, and continue building theirs! Use THIS LINK to get 50% off your purchase of $20 or more!


3 thoughts on “Pura Vida Bracelets

    • @ericrynne There is only 1 store in my area that carries them. They are definitely an online item for the most part. But, if you use the referral link, you get 50% off $20 or more, which is a really good deal honestly. Thats 4 bracelets for the price of 2! 🙂

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