Puppy Power

Everyone talks about crazy cat people….but very rarely do you hear about the crazy dog people. We have 3. May, our 14 year old Jack Russell, Molly, our 4 year old Beagle/Springer, and Mikey, our 3 year old Basset/Dachshund mix. The rescue that we work with, Recycled Tails, where we got Mikey from, had a litter of black lab puppies come up from South Carolina. Well….uh….we kind of got one! We now have a black lab puppy, making our 3, 4. Of course, he had to have an “M” name to go with the rest of the crew. After some trial names and back and forth, we landed on Murphy, Murphy George to be exact. In true Swenda fashion, Murphy has turned into “Mur,” “Murph,” “Murphle,” and “Derp.” Our dogs will never have normal names.


He is exceptionally smart and is taking to potty training very well. Murphy is the happiest little puppy. He is the best little cuddle bug and I am soaking in all of the love and affection and the ability to carry him around while he is still so little.


Sooo, we didn’t get chickens this summer, but we did end up with another dog!


If you are interested in adopting a new friend, volunteering, fostering, or just helping out, you can see my interview with Heidi Evans, founder of Recycled Tails HERE! The application to foster/adopt can be found HERE! You can follow them on Facebook HERE!


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