Anna Knaub: I am a recent Secondary English Education major, with a concentration in English Lit, grad from the University of Valley Forge. I am looking towards getting my MA as well as my PhD in this area of concentration. I spent the year subbing and as a long term sub and have loved every minute! Teaching Shakespeare to freshmen and The Awakening to seniors, Night to sophomores- I love it all.

I currently live in the Elizabethtown area with my husband Ethan, our ancient Jack Russell, May, our feral black cat, Missy, book dragon (leopard gecko) Zeke, and Beta fish, Pippin. I have grown up in a house of readers, eaters and crafters. With all of the fury critters running around in my life don’t be surprised if there’s an animal friendly recipe now and again. I have actually read all of the books that I review. All of the food is made and consumed by myself and which ever house I make it at. The pictures are taken by me on my lovely iPhone.

I like to do a bit of everything and include recipes, animal stories/treat recipes, book reviews, gardening tips/updates, and crafting stuff! If you enjoy my posts, or even have some requests let me know and pass it on! Most of my posts are pinned on Pinterest.

Check out the different pages at the top of the blog to find out how I got into all of this mess and where all of my blog posts stem from.

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