I like to think I’m kind of like Martha Stewart. Except I’m broke. BUT I love doing arts and crafts and have since I myself was a child. This entails anything from painting furniture, finger painting, crocheting, or gooze making. As a babysitter, it is my duty to be FUN. It is also the perfect excuse to relive my own childhood by doing fun crafty things right along side with them.

On my Pinterest, I have a board for Crafts and a board for Kids One Day Kids One Day board is full of crafts as well. It’s a problem. And let’s face it, what parents doesn’t love having 18458536985603 arts and crafts from their child over the years?

I also drank the Kool Aid. I bought an Erin Condren planner. I was fortunate enough win a gift card to purchase my planner and all of my goodies to go along with it. I am OBSESSED! I don’t do all of the crazy washi and everything BUT it is super functional, super cute, and it makes me feel like I have my life together. My cousin-in-law, I don’t think that’s a thing but I’m going with it, introduced me. SHE is crazy. Check out her Instagram Page here. But I didn’t just get a regular life planner, I got the teacher planner! It’s super  dooper AWESOME!

400598_4368352332092_239786784_n 1000734_10201622659033403_1716140004_n Photo on 7-8-14 at 9.45 AM #2

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