I have been baking since my mother would allow me to use the oven/stove by myself. Which really meant gentle supervision. The first thing I ever made by myself was chocolate chip cookies. Only once, in my 14 years of baking have I ever actually achieved a really good, fluffy batch. And yet, I made meringues perfectly my very first try. Still just can’t figure it out. When I was in middle school both of my parents were working full time. Being that I loved to cook and bake, the responsibility of making dinner fell to me. And I loved every. Single. Minute of it. My love of baking also grew with it, besides chocolate chip cookies of course. Homemade brownies from scratch are my favorite because I make mine extra special. 🙂

The first “fancy” cake I made with fondant was my freshman year of high school. I was in honors humanities with an ancient teacher who assigned a quarter project. For 3 quarters SHE WOULD NOT GIVE ME A 100%! I sang, I drew beautiful posters, I did everything in my power BUT FOOD. I did my last project on Keiser Wilhelm II of Germany. I made 3 sheet cakes before musical practice so that they would cool while I was gone. Between the hours of 10pm and 3:30am I constructed a german U-Boat out of cake and covered it in fondant. I then went through and hand piped barnacles, waves and sea foam around the edges. I finally got my A+ and fell in love with cakes.

A friend and I made this cake senior year for our Shakespeare class. After reading Henry V we had to do a project on one of the characters. We chose to do Catherine of Valois (his wife). The cake is in Tudor green, with the red coronation robe draped around the sides. obviously there is a crown, and she being French, a fleur de lis. In the movie, she has birds, hence Bart, the little blue bird!

184644_1911479951818_4212228_n 188413_1911480951843_791362_n183274_1911480471831_847274_n

Since then I’ve done a few cakes for friends for different occasions. One of my favorites was last fall. An owl birthday cake for a girl I’ve babysat over the years. She has Cystic Fibrosis so every year is a celebration! Isn’t she adorable!?


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