Gobble Gobble Turkey Time

No. I am not making turkey for dinner. It’s not Thanksgiving. In my family we literally only eat turkey as lunch meat or on Thanksgiving. Which is weird because we like turkey a lot in my house. Hmm.

The other night Eric and I took a pit stop to his grandparent’s farm. Back in the day they had cows. horses, chickens, acres of gardens, all different berries, orchards- the whole nine yards. Now that they have gotten up there in age they keep smaller gardens, some berry bushes and the trees they’ve had for years.

Of course as we walked around we had to stop and check out the blueberries. They’re a bit on the sour side right now still though.


They do still have chickens AND turkeys. The turkeys are really Eric’s Uncle Watsy’s, but they hang out on the farm none the less.

We took a walk down to the far side of the cleared property to say hello to the chickens. They have a few Red Sexlinks that look pretty darn close to our Rhode Island Reds. We then made our stop at the turkey run. Uncle Wats has 5 hens and one male Wild American Turkey. Can I just tell you, male turkeys are probably one of the ugliest creatures on Earth. Don’t get me wrong, their feathers and tails are pretty cool, but that blue face that turns red is scary. They could make horror movies out of those ugly things. The hens ran around the pen docile and chattering amongst themselves. Willy, the male decided to put on a show and puff himself out. He is a few years old so his gobble isn’t quite as boisterous as it once was.

IMG_3049 IMG_3052

We had a jolly good time trying to make turkey noises back at him. The best part was, he answered like we were all having one big conversation. All the same. He’s ugly. Uncle Wats saw that we had stopped by and rode down to meet us.

“Want to see the babies?”


Being that there is a male in the pen with the females, there are some fertilized eggs now and again. Uncle Wats has 5 little turkeys running around that he has had since eggs. THEY ARE ADORABLE! It beats me how such cute little things can turn into such ugly looking big turkeys. They have completely imprinted on him being that he was the first thing they saw as they pecked out of their shells. They follow him around in a clutch as he makes noises at them almost like a mother hen. It’s absolutely precious. They never wander too far away from him and were quite wary of making our acquaintance. They also never stop moving. I was able to snap just a few blurry pictures of the little guys and gals scurrying around the yard. They also LOVE meal worms, just like chickens. Shocking, I know.

IMG_3060 IMG_3064

I can now say that baby turkeys are super cute. Adults aren’t attractive at all. They sure do taste yummy either way! 😀

*Uncle Wats does not ever eat any of this turkeys, nor does anyone else in the rest of the family.*