Eric’s grandparents at one point and time had a full working farm. Horses, cows, chickens, ducks, turkeys, crops- the whole nine yards. Now that they have gotten up there in age they have chickens, turkeys, and keep smaller gardens. While over helping them a few weeks ago Eric decided that he too wanted a few chickens. He and his roommate decimate eggs like they’re the only food on Earth most weeks. Even though his grandparents supply us with eggs most of the year, he wanted a few of his own. Admittedly, I did too!

After a few phone calls to friends and relatives with chickens and some serious research we picked a breed- Rhode Island Reds. This also happens to be the same breed his grandparents and most of our friends and other relatives have as well. They are supposed to be great layers and have generally good dispositions.

A few more phone calls later, Eric and I found ourselves at Pickering Valley Farm and Feed.¬†This happens to be a pretty cool pet store. We left the store with 4 little pullets. A pullet is not quite a baby chick but it is also not of egg laying age/adulthood. They are like teenagerish. They’re a little more than a month old, which means they still need to hang out under the heat lamp most of the time.

They’re also adorable.

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We haven’t named them yet because we just can’t decide. It was easier deciding on names for our non-existent children.

We are currently feeding them special not-quite-chick-but-not-quite-adult food for now. My goal is to make homemade feed for them in the coming months, especially when winter comes knocking again.

If you are considering getting chickens or already have some and are always looking for places to get good info, check out Back Yard Chickens.¬†They were invaluable while researching breeds, feed, coops, how to raise them, health issues etc. It’s like the chicken Bible.

Stay tuned to see pictures of our coop and how we did it.

And because they’re so cute….a few more pics!

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