Pine Cone Crafting

As the school year approaches, the day of our wedding looms closer. We are ALMOST at the 100 day mark! I took one of my last free weekends, and spent the morning with one of my bridesmaids crafting! I found this general concept on Pinterest but made it my own.

What you’ll need:

Pine cones (I used cinnamon scented craft/decor ones)

1/4 inch ribbon

3/4 inch ribbon

1 inch ribbon


Hot glue gun

Jingle bells of varying sizes (optional)

*please excuse the newspaper I used to protect the table!* šŸ™‚

I am going to hang these on the ends of pews, backs of chairs, and a few other places. I created loops with a 6-8 inch strands of the 1/4 inch ribbon. My bridesmaid Alexa turned out to be the bow tying champ of all time. She tied each bow, varying lengths, and cut the ends on a slight angle.


HANDY TIP!!!Ā It is way easier to make a pile of bows and cut a bunch of ribbon to start and then go through and glue it all. The process goes way faster/smoother!


Using the hot glue gun, I took a length of thin ribbon, and glued the ends.


I then put a small spot of hot glue on the back of a bow and applied it to a loop. I tried to spread the ribbon so that the bow was glued to both the front and back of the loop not just the front for more stability.


Apply a small line of hot glue to the top of a pine cone and gently press in the tail end of your loop that you hot glued into it.


Let set and you have a super cute pine cone! If you’re feeling fancy, or have a little too much ribbon showing under the bow, add a jingle bell or two!


Room Re-Do

After getting back from Northern Ireland single, I had a large task ahead of me- doing something with all of my books that had previously had their own entire room.

My dad, in his infinite wisdom drew up a plan. With his help and the help of my mom, we did a mini room update and gave my books a new home. My mug collection finally found a new home that wasn’t my moms cup cupboard taking over as well. She was quite thrilled with that part.

It began with paint. The previous home owners painted my particular room a tan-ish color instead of just a white or off white. This limited my color options a wee bit because I was NOT going to paint all four walls. After about an hour looking at colors at the hardware store, I found Valspar’s perfect brown “Nest.”

Ma and I first painted the whole wall! This took about a whole 20 minutes to do.

IMG_3941-1 IMG_3944-1 IMG_3949-1

Next, dad and I installed a shelving unit.


And, the hardest part of this whole process was dealing with my books. They were all in boxes. I made signs breaking them up by genre- American Lit, English Lit, YA, Textbooks, etc…. After they were organized by genre I had to do author’s last name. Finally, after a few hours, they made it up onto the walls.

IMG_4023-1 IMG_4021-1

My mug collection found homes at the end of the shelves where books haven’t quite taken over yet.

Coop and Poop but the Chickens are CUTE!

While the babies have beenĀ inside growing and hanging out under the heat lamp, Eric and I have been hard at work putting together their new home. And by Eric and I being hard at work I mean mostly Eric. šŸ˜‰ Thankfully, though we no longer have Penny, we have lots of containment items from when we had her! We had a 6×8 chain link outdoor pen with a door that was no longer in use. We removed one of these sides to install the coop at the open end. By doing this the chickens have a good bit of area to cluck around and the coop isn’t taking up any ground space. We then took plywood and 2x4s to fashion the bones of the coop. The roof of the coop is on hinges to allow us access to the nesting boxes and eggs.

get-attachment-1.aspx get-attachment-2.aspx

get-attachment-1.aspxĀ get-attachment-3.aspx

We made upper level nesting boxes and roosting/hangout space on the bottom. With the pen having a door and the coop having the hinged roof, cleaning is a breeze.

get-attachment-2.aspxĀ get-attachment.aspx

Like the idea of a removable pan in a dog crate, we created the same concept in the coop to make cleaning easy.


Due to our semi-rural location, we do have predators like skunks, fox, and snakes. EEK! To add extra layers of protection, we added tiny wire fencingĀ around the entirety of the pen/coop about 2 feet high to make getting in extremely hard and our chickens can’t quite poke their heads out. The whole structure is also sitting on 4x4s to deter diggers from getting under the fencing. Essentially- Predator proof.

The girls will finally be getting to move into their new home by the end of the week! Now that they have had a solid 2 weeks or so under the lamp, they have grown almost double since we got them and my 2 blondies are going red!