“The Cat in the Hat”- Dr. Seuss

Its a little late but the wonderful amazing Dr. Seuss’ birthday has just recently passed! I have a list of books a mile long, novels, classics etc…why in the world would I do a review on “The Cat in the Hat” by Dr. Seuss!? Well it’s simple really, a friend of mine referred it to me as a book I should read. My first instinct was just as yours might be, why would I do that!? But then I realized how silly it was to NOT. Dr. Seuss for me, as I’m sure for many children through the years, inspired me. He inspired my imagination and ecouraged me to read. Reading Dr. Seuss is like stepping into a world of silly adventure, with a little story and something to learn at the end. And let’s face it, WHO DOESN’T LIKE “The Cat in the Hat!?” I love this book. It’s one of my favorites. Having a little brother myself, and being the older sister I can relate to this book. Written in 1957, the book has reverberated throughout generations of children. Bringing giggles and jumps for joy as it is usually one of the first books one learns to read. The crazy cat brings chaos and destruction to the lives of 2 children left alone. I remember thinking that I wish the cat would come spend a day with my brother and I. Dancing around the house, breaking dishes and playing with the fish are pretty common practice around our house so I don’t think he would really have a need to come visit though 😀 Like the children’s mother, my mom is somewhat of a germaphobic neat freak (she has gotten better though) so I totally understood Sally’s woe in the Cat destroying her house. My brother tends to be the clown and although he’s not a trouble maker, some days getting him to chill with the jokes can be a challenge. It is very easy to compare and relate to many of Seuss’ books which I think adds to their popularity. What more can you say about this book though? It’s epic success or how ingenious it is? It has been translated into Latin with the title Cattus Petasatus and into Yiddish with the title “di Kats der Payats.” You know a book is epic when it’s translated into Yiddish (just sayin). It was nice, after reading such complicated books with big words and that are over 100 pages in length, to just read Dr. Seuss. Some days going back to basics, where one started, where the exciting world of reading began is the best thing in the world. Dr. Seuss’ “The Cat in the Hat,” will continue to stand the test of time and forever be one of my favorite books.

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