Pine Cone Crafting

As the school year approaches, the day of our wedding looms closer. We are ALMOST at the 100 day mark! I took one of my last free weekends, and spent the morning with one of my bridesmaids crafting! I found this general concept on Pinterest but made it my own.

What you’ll need:

Pine cones (I used cinnamon scented craft/decor ones)

1/4 inch ribbon

3/4 inch ribbon

1 inch ribbon


Hot glue gun

Jingle bells of varying sizes (optional)

*please excuse the newspaper I used to protect the table!* 🙂

I am going to hang these on the ends of pews, backs of chairs, and a few other places. I created loops with a 6-8 inch strands of the 1/4 inch ribbon. My bridesmaid Alexa turned out to be the bow tying champ of all time. She tied each bow, varying lengths, and cut the ends on a slight angle.


HANDY TIP!!! It is way easier to make a pile of bows and cut a bunch of ribbon to start and then go through and glue it all. The process goes way faster/smoother!


Using the hot glue gun, I took a length of thin ribbon, and glued the ends.


I then put a small spot of hot glue on the back of a bow and applied it to a loop. I tried to spread the ribbon so that the bow was glued to both the front and back of the loop not just the front for more stability.


Apply a small line of hot glue to the top of a pine cone and gently press in the tail end of your loop that you hot glued into it.


Let set and you have a super cute pine cone! If you’re feeling fancy, or have a little too much ribbon showing under the bow, add a jingle bell or two!


Easy Homespun Garland

Have some time on a Saturday? Want to get in the holiday spirit? Make something that will last for years? Then THIS is for you! All it takes is time, twine, some homespun fabrics and pinking shears.


Spool/roll of twine- as much as you’ll need to stretch as far as you need

1  yards of three DIFFERENT homespun fabrics. We got ours at JoAnns. You may do any variation of fabrics as long as you total about 3 yards of fabric total. This may vary if you are doing more than 1 spool of twine.

Pinking Shears

  1. Using your pinking shears, cut 1inch by 6 inch strips of your fabric. This a wee bit time consuming. If you have friends or children that are very good at cutting in the lines, this is a good time to get them involved.
  2. Measure out lengths of twine. Make sure it spans the width you need, plus a few extra inches for “swag.” Cut them to length.


  1. Taking all of your strips, simply double knot them onto the twine. One can very easily come undone over the years of packing and unpacking. You can do a pattern or random- what ever floats your boat.
  2. When you’re done, knot the ends.

We used clothes pins to pin the garland to our valances. Mom embellished with some old mittens and cute ornaments. This also looks really pretty on a Christmas tree. We did not do that this year, but have in previous years. Decorate til your little heart’s content. You could easily use this same process to make garland for other holidays throughout the year. With a little time, this craft is a simple, lasting project you can enjoy for years to come!

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