Ordinary People

I don’t usually go so serious with my posts being that I’m a real life goofball, but I do believe that this is important.

A few years back our previous next-door-neighbor who was like my second mother, was diagnosed with TNBC- triple negative breast cancer. Sadly, that was only the beginning of her battles. After almost 4 years, multiple surgeries, chemo treatments, and radiation, Shelly went home to be with the Lord. Though I grieve for the moments and memories she will not be here to make, I rejoice in the life that she has lived and the memories that I do have with her.

Shelly and I the day I was baptized on our mission trip to Freehold/Neptune, NJ.

Shelly and I the day I was baptized on our mission trip to Freehold/Neptune, NJ.

I don’t know how it came about but sometime at youth group she came up with “ordinary people plugged into an extraordinary power source.” God continuously finds ordinary people, the ones who stutter, the ones who doubt, the ones who seem the most unlikely and ordinary- He takes them in, and gives them the power to be extraordinary.

Let me say this again, God takes ordinary people, Moses, Abraham, David, Esther…the list is endless, and He gives them the power to be and do extraordinary things. We are ordinary people. We eat, sleep and breathe as they did. We stutter, we are the youngest brother, we question whether or not God will fulfill His promises, we are an ordinary woman. It is through faith, the power and love of God that we have the ability and strength to be extraordinary.

If there is anything that Shelly taught me, it was that though we are ordinary, that we can be extraordinary. Through her more recent treatments she continued to teach. Up until about a month ago she was TEACHING with her brain and body riddled with cancer, she continued to love her students. Her battle with cancer was only a chapter in her life. She was extraordinary well before she ever heard the words “you have cancer.” She was an extraordinary teacher who loved those who needed love, who sought to make learning fun, that went above and beyond to make sure her students were successful. She was an extraordinary mother who not only loved the children that God blessed her with, but everybody else’s as well. It was not uncommon for her to walk into room of kids to a chorus of “Mama Sobel!” A testament to her acceptance, love and kindness to all. She was an extraordinary listener. Regardless of who needed to be heard and for what reason, she always patiently sat, listened and gave counsel. Shelly had an extraordinary faith, facing everything with a strength, grace and perseverance that could only come from the Lord.

Praying over students on a mission trip

Praying over students on a mission trip

It would be easy to write another few hundred words to describe the person that she was, but I think you get the point. I can only hope to be as plugged in and extraordinary one day.

Some people have the genetic disposition for cancer to develop and grow in their bodies. Others make choices that have the potential to lead to cancer later in their lives. Here are some tips and facts to encourage you to make better choices and protect yourself.

-SUNSCREEN! Skin cancer, though it can be very treatable, is one of the more common cancers. By keeping up with and applying sunscreen, you can cut down your chances significantly.

-Stay away from tobacco in any capacity. When I was on the local Relay For Life committee, I went to a meeting at the ACS building where they had a box filled with cigarette ingredients that included ingredients in rat poisoning among other things. It was repulsive. These toxins are also in second-hand smoke. If you do smoke, have the courtesy to not subjugate those around you to it.

-Eat well! Foods high in antioxidants, along with a well-balanced diet with little to no processed foods and proper proportions can go a long way to helping your body prevent and fight cancer.

-Be aware of your body. Some lumps and bumps are normal depending on hormones, injuries etc. Others are not. If you have a history of cancer in your family, you should be extra wary and start screenings earlier than most. For more info on common cancers for men and women and what to look for, check out the American Cancer Society’s Find Cancer Early page. Early detection saves lives!!!

For more information on cancer, Relay For Life, research that is happening right now to find the cure, your local ACS, how to get involved, even support and treatment, visit www.cancer.org– it just might save your life.

34916_1531018240513_868412_nAnd remember-

Though you may be ordinary, when you are plugged in, God has a plan and the power to make you extraordinary. 

Antrim, Northern Ireland

I AM BACK! It’s been a while but I have been bursting at the seems to share my trip to Antrim, Northern Ireland with a group of swell friends from school.

I do not like flying. I don’t have a fear, I just don’t like sitting and being all cramped and it’s just annoying. But we made it to Dublin from JFK Airport with no issues.

10505331_10204263805860423_3129229436473639781_n  10526169_694375293950655_7529225767553233488_n

We made it through all security and stepped out into the lovely misty Dublin weather. John Ashe, the pastor of  Journey and Phil picked us up at the air port, loaded us up and took us on a mini tour of Dublin before heading up North.

10565246_10204263810740545_1613850475557280995_n 1468732_10204263811380561_402989003260060835_n 10502045_10204263815500664_3427917752982675023_n

Due to how much our team was able to raise, we were able to stay in a hotel for the duration of our stay instead of one of the local universities. The coolest part about this was the fact that the National 20U NI football team was staying there as well. They didn’t talk to us, but hey, it’s still pretty cool. I roomed with Kelsey and Bethany. I am just now realizing we didn’t get a roomie picture before we left. UGH. Saturday, after settling in at the hotel, we went to the Caldwell’s for dinner. The view from their backyard is absolutely stunning. When you think of Ireland, you think of these kind of views.

10547571_10204263820860798_2027213331986309990_n 1150131_10204263822620842_991058079105454448_n

Sunday morning we had church at Journey. One of the girls on our team, Mary, a girl from the Ohio team, Kayla and I all volunteered to do children’s church. I learned a few things. 1. They believe we all have southern accents. It’s hilarious. Apparently, I sound like what they think a stereotypical American accent is. 2. They LOVE Cake Boss. They watch American TV and they just think he is the bees knees.  After church, different families from the church took pods of 2-4 of us too their homes for lunch. I was fortunate enough to be welcomed into the home of the Grant’s. Mary and Ohio team Erin and I were welcomed by a beautiful home with the biggest marigold flowers I think I’d ever seen! Penny and Keith put on a huge, yummy spread and made us a part of their family instantly. Penny and Keith are both Elementary school teachers. Mary and I were in our element with them. They also have two daughters, Ashleigh and Becci. Becci was not at lunch with us, but friends Tori and Ashleigh K were there to join us. Ashleigh and her husband Mark are both hockey players so obviously I was one little happy camper.


Sunday evening we went to the local Starbucks for Cafe Church. There we worshiped and had a short message from John. The real beginning of the week started right there. The power and changes for everyone started in that little shop.

Monday morning was our first day of Vacation Bible School. We got there about 2 hours early to completely decorate the rooms and hallways we would be using at the local grammar school. Yes, we set up and decorated an entire week of VBS in just 2 hours. It was crazy but the kids LOVED it. This year our song was “Without You” by Toby Mac, quite the workout to do the dance we created to go along with it.


After VBS and lunch we toured Antrim Castle grounds and walked down the river trail to Lough Neagh. I will allow the following pictures to speak for themselves. However, I will mention, some Game of Thrones has been filmed around some of the grounds.

1653570_10204272709763015_2759238456951212997_n 10577214_10204273728988495_1536383711469738772_n 44557_10204273737588710_805481817334873564_n 1017350_10204273739148749_106934382412272688_n 10563109_10204273739428756_2034656948633870111_n 10426585_10204273739708763_6157770146636866752_n 10580024_10204273925393405_5721326082621663927_n 10370420_10204273752469082_6045960775269140653_n 10339671_10204273798350229_6972969172378602604_n 10462374_10204273800270277_5941962687960089874_n 10527516_10204273799350254_257048952817965359_n 1017539_10204273807510458_683955773653355207_n 10550844_10204273802390330_4034163698265478625_n

That evening was our first night of “in the community” work. The majority of our teams went into one of the neighborhoods to throw a block party. Myself and 3 other team members went to the sports camp we would be running all week with some local athletes. The first night was rugby. It may potentially be my new favorite sport. Before you think I was running into anybody, we played the equivalent of flag football. I still had a blast and have the feeling buying a rugby ball is in my future. We went back to 15D, where Journey meets for some games. Never have I have, Pink Spots and some other game with scissors.

Tuesday we had VBS in the morning. After lunch we were introduced to our afternoon work. We had groups cleaning up the gardens in the back of the building, painting 15E, the downstairs of the church, handing out fliers for VBS, the block parties and sports camp this week and treasure hunting. For 3 days everyone worked diligently to revitalize the back of the building along the river walk. The results were outstanding.

1544317_10204685237995714_6354991489246096499_n 10355809_10204685238275721_5849934647959857312_n 10552486_10204322576449651_5398468852387893011_n

That evening was hockey night for sports camp. Ashleigh’s husband Mark ran the clinic. There were about 15 kids, plus all of the big kids who grabbed sticks to join in. I can not begin to express the absolute joy it was to play again. Here in the states, after high school, unless you go to a decent sized college that has a team or intramural team, hockey stops when you walk off of the field in high school. It’s hard to find somewhere to play. What was even more exciting was that being able to play and share that experience with everyone and the kids was part of the mission that week! The following are a few shots from that evening. WARNING. *There is a slightly gruesome pictures following.* I found myself with a stick between my legs and supermanned across the gravel playing field. WHO PLAYS ON GRAVEL!? Well apparently, in Northern Ireland, if astro turf isn’t available, they do.

10588212_10152400065669900_2037486420_o 10567417_10152400011324900_1228113964_n 10514529_10204290498687727_7570946647825996478_n

Wednesday went much the same in the morning and afternoon. That evening began our 2 day football clinic. Not American football, real football, like the rest of the world calls it- soccer. The first night Cliff Ferguson, one of the biggest soccer scouts in Ireland, Glenn and Ian from Liverpool Academy came out to work with the kids. It was an amazing experience for them, and cool for me. 🙂

10590499_10204290500967784_5202292127036064187_n 10527585_10204290502127813_7063696987427823057_n 10487999_10204290507207940_4790878901402785697_n 10405312_10204290508287967_696218025092967539_n10288729_10204290550049011_6976832720795861331_n

That evening church members Eddie and Gillian opened their stunning home to our group. Their home is older than the United States but you’d never know it. Food, exploration, worship and an ice cream truck were the highlights of that evening.

10380270_10204290509688002_2925077694876012031_n 10530691_10204290510448021_2381137843480293629_n 10389241_10204664269071504_2411141778787396143_n

Thursday I was Mary Magdalene for VBS. Mikey and some local players ran the football clinic. I was the professional ball-getter when the kids shot wide and it went into the brush. Towards the end, they called me in. I have never played soccer a day in my life and it was a train wreck. The guys enjoyed laughing at me. I did attempt to head the ball, even if it did mean a lovely bruise on my forehead. It was great fun.


Friday was our last day of VBS. It had been an incredible week and it was so sad saying goodbye too so many of them. Almost 40 kids accepted Jesus into their hearts. How AWESOME is THAT!? After that we were driven to Belfast to Victoria Square for some SHOPPING! What girl wouldn’t LOVE shopping!? It was great fun going through Jack Willis and all of the other uniquely European stores. That evening we had a HUGE end of the week party at the castle grounds. It was like one of our block parties on steroids and anybody in the community was welcome. Face pairing, balloon animals, nail painting, bounce houses, rock climbing, food and football kept everyone busy. Even the sprinkling rain couldn’t keep everyone from having fun. At one point there was a FULL start to finish, whole rainbow. I had never seen anything like it, never seen a rainbow so vibrant and perfect. What a great reminder of God’s promise towards the end of our trip?

10458651_10204293628485970_2210740093247509749_n 10525680_10152410906044900_1455120779927026973_n 10417629_10202187234793962_3481999635747617743_n 1458469_10202187234553956_9081599253645567299_n 1560757_10202187234313950_1113906246447375894_n

Saturday was tourist day. We were the cheesy Americans traveling the Antrim coast. It started with a trip where the Titanic was built in Belfast and C.S. Lewis’s house. The nerd in my was just a wee bit excited. It was on to Glenariff Forest where we saw the beautiful falls and shamrocks.

10556378_10204302990600017_364133786365170769_n 10592797_10204302987359936_1947573374201125332_n 10526135_10204302988039953_3416853667323133622_n 10547691_10204302985959901_8047772622576313053_n 10537415_10204302982039803_346770340887132095_n 10580148_10204302982519815_557459967560823055_n 10178024_10204307772839570_7406705931055418527_n 10570329_10204307771359533_7254185122519715805_n 10524361_10204307774559613_6969484835659396518_n 10525388_10204307780919772_5206631294358940750_n

Our next stop was Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, a location that was commercial salmon fishing ground up until the early 2000’s. It was a beautiful location for more than one reason! Brooke, our fearless leader got engaged to the talented and awesome Tom!!! 😀 WOO HOO! Oh yeah, and by this point it was definitely raining. But it was time to move on.

10347566_10204307795320132_1560022538231392267_n  image image 2 get-attachment-1.aspx get-attachment.aspx get-attachment-2.aspx get-attachment-3.aspx

We stopped at Ballintoy Harbour for lunch. Some of you may recognize the location as Pyke Harbour, featured in Game of Thrones. We literally ate lunch in one of the caves to protect us from the increasingly worse weather.

image 8 image 7 image 6 image 5 image image 2 image 3

Giant’s Causeway came next. Up until this point I had been able to stay pretty dry. That was before the epic wind gusts destroyed my umbrella, the rain came down even harder and we had to walk over a mile to the Causeway. Needless to say, a team that sweats and gets wet together bonds relatively quickly. I wouldn’t have missed the scenery for anything. Even if it was a bit miserable.

10410563_10204307844641365_1823435985980514257_n 10494671_10204307842441310_494337413396741595_n 10353716_10152232297932036_5141072805715570779_n 10533428_10204307841961298_6965435371024730201_n 10561666_10204307833281081_8919191177290160299_n

We made a stop at Dunluce Castle. It is in ruins, but still beautiful and super cool. I was so wet and cold I only took a few pictures from the parking lot before finding shelter back in the van. I am using some pictures from those who were brave enough to weather the storm- literally. We were going to go to the Dark Hedges but we were all so wet, tired and cold they took us back to the hotel to shower, change and get warm. We found ourselves back at Eddie and Gillian’s for our authentic fish and chips dinner.  We had a dance party, rousing game of Mau, and tons of fun. But then, that seemed to be a synonymous theme with that group.

image 4 image 3 image 2 image

Sunday we were once again at church. After service we drove back down to the Lough for baptisms. There is something just so awesome about people getting baptized on mission trips. I’m slightly biased, having been baptized on one myself. But I believe it is a true testament to the fact that, no matter how much of yourself you give and pour into who and what you are there to serve, you will ALWAYS receive just as much, if not more.

We went too lunch with everyone afterwards. I had lamb and potatoes and Yorkshire pudding. Of course I can’t forget the delectable creme brûlée. We spent the afternoon at Junction One, our version of the outlets, before our last cafe church. Mikey helped me find a football jersey! I may or may not have felt like the coolest kid. 🙂 After listening to some of our team members share some of their experiences this week, it was back to 15D.

At 15D we took a bajillion pictures, ate pizza and said goodbye to the incredible people we had met that week, both Irish and American. Everyone went back to the hotel to pack and pull an all nighter. We had to be in the lobby to leave by 4am. And there we were loading back into the same buses that brought us to the little green corner of the world 10 short days earlier. The difference in the girl who stepped off the plane and the girl who came home is crazy.

Monday, Day 3

Monday, Day 3


Sunday, Last Day

I could not even begin to express how God worked through and in my life that week. It still amazes me how I go on mission trips to work and serve others and I somehow come back with a world that’s been completely changed. It was quite an adventure. I left for Ireland engaged and came home not. I left for Ireland so sure of who I was and where my path was leading me. I now have no idea, and for once I’m not freaking out. I learned that sometimes, it’s ok to let others help you and that relying on others isn’t a sign of weakness. That sometimes God doesn’t nudge you out of your comfort zone, he kicks you out of your nice warm bed into the world. Sometimes the plans and expectations you have for your life are nowhere near the amazing plans God has for you. I literally can not wait to get back to Antrim. God did extraordinary things in Antrim and my life this past week. I have no idea what is in store for my life, but I have Antrim and the people there to thank for turning it upside down for me.

10410975_10204322569209470_4373948459511617287_n 10487440_10204322569969489_1178254304727060965_n 10245523_10204322570249496_5378048117593766436_n 10559684_10204322570609505_891468116765469346_n 12205_10204322570969514_6425751231878015912_n 10517549_10152551721229641_6615635541059861367_n 10336659_10202192165637230_7486224299068694799_n  10537105_10204322574249596_6899144134762975176_n