Frozen “Potty Party”

I’ve started babysitting for a new family! Obviously a MUCH better gig than retail. They have two little girls, Zoey and Julia. They have been in the throes of potty training Zoey the oldest for a few weeks. The last time I was over I promised Miss. Zoey that if she was going potty on the potty we would have a Frozen day! She was trying to earn the movie as her reward. I went over today with bag of goodies! Really, any excuse to foo some kind of crafting and use glitter!

The first activity- Frozen Gooze! We did Frozen mountains with shaving cream as well. Of course we played the Frozen Soundtrack on loop. Since my name is Anna, Zoey is convinced I’m THAT Anna and I’m not allowed sing any Elsa parts because SHE is Elsa and I am Anna. My shopping list is below:

Blue Glittery Elmer’s Glue

Liquid Starch

Cheap Shaving cream

Glitter- white, silver, blue, purple, iridescent

Blue/Purple Food Coloring (optional)


I pre-made the gooze the night before since the girls are still a bit on the young side. I mixed the whole bottle of glue with about 1 cup of liquid starch and sprinkled in all different kinds of glitter. This gooze can be kept in a zip-lock baggy for months! To make it more “Frozen” I kept it in the fridge to add another level of sensory play! 😀 Michaels had the pack of different glitter on sale for 79 cents, I had a 40% off coupon on the glue and the starch was less than $3. I spent about $5 on the whole project.

Photo on 7-7-14 at 10.00 PM Photo on 7-7-14 at 10.05 PM Photo on 7-7-14 at 10.07 PM

Zoey and I had a BLAST playing with the glittery gooze! Zoey is not allowed on social media, so here are some pictures of me having way too much fun right along with her!

Photo on 7-8-14 at 9.43 AM Photo on 7-8-14 at 9.45 AM #2 Photo on 7-8-14 at 9.45 AM #4

The Frozen Mountains were my favorite to do with the her while the youngest was napping! With the cheap shaving cream, she got to help me foam it up! Of course I got great blue and silver sequins and forgot them at home! 😦 She still had a ton of fun just smooshing the shaving cream all over herself…and me. This was the messier of the activities so we did this one outside since it was BEAUTIFUL day!

IMG_2974 IMG_2978 IMG_2980

After lunch it was nap time for both girls and mom got home from running errands. I do believe we had quite a successful Frozen Potty Party.