Mary Kay Botanical Effects

I have finished student teaching. Please, accept my apology for being the worst blogger in the world. I am decompressing from full teacher mode, holding my bladder for hours at a time and all! ANYWAY….

One of my bestest friends in the entire world has become a Mary Kay consultant. We are obsessed with Vikings, eat more cookie dough than we should, and do weird things like dress up as the witches from Macbeth…1560597_10202962879618080_378525325_n

And in a few months I’ll get to walk down the aisle and stand next to her as she gets hitched!



On top of all of this, Liv and her fiancé have been called to be missionaries in Russia. Yeah, my friends are pretty darn cool. In order to help finance this calling, Liv has joined the Mary Kay world. As a child, my mom was a MK addict. I was too young to enjoy the spoils and have never really used MK products. I love to review things, but I don’t really review “makeup stuff.” Honestly, I don’t wear or use enough of it any more to be any sort of voice of reason. I’ve been a coconut oil addict for years, and that’s about the extent of my beauty regime.

Bi-yearly, my skin goes through this weird phase. With the changing of the seasons comes a changing of my skin. My cheeks get dry and flakey, while my forehead looks shiny and greasy enough to fry an egg. Exfoliating, coconut oil, vinegar…honestly, I haven’t been able to find a “natural” remedy to fix this issue. I have (thankfully, praise Jesus) grown out of acne for the most part. I just have this ghastly dry/oily skin issue. Science tells us that our faces get super oily because our face is so dry and in order to keep up with our dry skin it makes tons of oil to try to combat it, hence, my shiny forehead and flakey cheeks.

Liv told me to check out the website, and let her know if there was anything I was interested in, she was making an order. I’m not one of those crazy “health nuts,” per say, but I do try to use relatively natural stuff. The Botanicals Effects line caught my eye. They have a line of products, but I was really only interested in he moisturizer…for now. A few weeks ago I visited Liv and she gave me my order. I’ve been using Botanical Effects hydrate, dry/sensitive skin for about two months and I AM IN LOVE! Really, I know I already told you I have little credibility and authority on this subject, but as someone who suffered from skin problems ALL throughout high school and has struggled with this dry/oily thing for years, I got this one.

It does not leave my face feeling greasy or dry. I can put it on right after my shower in the morning, get dress, blow dry my hair, and put makeup right on. I don’t have to wipe off grease or apply my makeup any differently. I wash my face and put it on at night before I go to bed as well. In just the first week I noticed a serious change in how my skin looked and felt. My forehead oil production was already SO much better and improving every day. My cheeks do not feel dry, flakey or itchy! I have cut down to exfoliating every other day or so, which I’m sure my skin appreciates as well.

I have never been able to so gracefully go through the skin adjustment period. I think it is safe to say that she now has a loyal customer…at least for the moisturizer! I am looking forward to trying the Cleanse Formula, Mask Formula and Freshen Formula in the future!

To visit her Mary Kay consultant website and shop MK products, click HERE! Follow her on Facebook to find out about new releases, discounts and specials!

*I was not paid to post this. Really, I just love this product and enjoy helping out a friend!*