Room Re-Do

After getting back from Northern Ireland single, I had a large task ahead of me- doing something with all of my books that had previously had their own entire room.

My dad, in his infinite wisdom drew up a plan. With his help and the help of my mom, we did a mini room update and gave my books a new home. My mug collection finally found a new home that wasn’t my moms cup cupboard taking over as well. She was quite thrilled with that part.

It began with paint. The previous home owners painted my particular room a tan-ish color instead of just a white or off white. This limited my color options a wee bit because I was NOT going to paint all four walls. After about an hour looking at colors at the hardware store, I found Valspar’s perfect brown “Nest.”

Ma and I first painted the whole wall! This took about a whole 20 minutes to do.

IMG_3941-1 IMG_3944-1 IMG_3949-1

Next, dad and I installed a shelving unit.


And, the hardest part of this whole process was dealing with my books. They were all in boxes. I made signs breaking them up by genre- American Lit, English Lit, YA, Textbooks, etc…. After they were organized by genre I had to do author’s last name. Finally, after a few hours, they made it up onto the walls.

IMG_4023-1 IMG_4021-1

My mug collection found homes at the end of the shelves where books haven’t quite taken over yet.