Oops I Did it Again

I hope you thoroughly appreciate that awesome early 2000s flashback to Brittany Spears. I may have known the whole choreography to that song at one point in my life….anyways….

I got more Pura Vida Bracelets. I can’t even help myself. They’re so cool. I love the two that I got so much that I had to get….4 more…and I have many more sitting on my wish list.

As with my previous purchase, I bought all of my bracelets from the Charity section. A portion of the price goes to the corresponding organization/research. There are so many options and categories and organizations to support, it is easy to just buy from that section.

The first one is the Cystic Fibrosis Awareness. One of the munchkins that I babysit was born with the disease and is a superhero. She has been blessed in her almost 12 years of life with very few flare ups and relatively good health.

The second one I purchased is the Thyroid Disease Awareness. There are a number of people in my family that have struggled with thyroid issues, as well as so many of our friends. It affects so many people and yet it is so rarely talked about.

I also purchased the Prostate Cancer Awareness bracelet. Again, I have had a number of people in my life diagnosed with cancer, specifically prostate cancer. The amazing professor that I worked for at school for 3 years was diagnosed fall of 2013. After treatments and surgery he is cancer free and in good health.

Last but not least, I purchased the U.S. Army bracelet to go along with my Forgotten Warriors. As the daughter of an Army vet, this bracelet was an obvious no-brainer.

I love these just as much as my first ones. My arm is slowly but surly looking more and more like a rainbow. They are conversation pieces, and getting to tell people the story behind each one makes them that much more special.

If you would like to begin building your own bracelet collection, use the link HERE to get 50% off of $20 or more. You get 4 bracelets for the price of 2 and it is FREE shipping! What do you support? If you purchase any charity bracelets, show me on Instagram using the hashtag #BWBPVCharity

IMG_0469The collection!