Telephone Desk Refurb

“Look what I brought home!” My mom excitedly pointed to a desk looking thing with the seat facing the wrong direction last summer. “What IS it!?” Skeptically I looked from her to the desk thing trying to figure out what was so great about the ugly thing. “It’s a telephone desk. Back in the 80’s  the phone would sit here, the cord went through here and you could sit and talk on the phone and there’s a spot for you to write and keep stuff if you need too. I thought you could use it in your reading area.” “Gee thanks ma….”

A few weeks later my parents left on a week long mission trip to New Jersey and I decided to get crafty with my unsupervised free time. 🙂

I began with an ugly desk, with even uglier fabric on a completely flat cushion.

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I removed the cushion and did a light sanding all over. The existing paint was not super glossy or anything so I didn’t have to do any hard core crazy sanding.

The hardest part of the whole project was that cushion. There were 50 bajillion staples/upholstering nails on the back side of this thing. The actual foam underneath was so flat I can’t believe the nails hadn’t been poking my butt. Before starting the project I ran to my handy dandy favorite JoAnn Fabrics store and got nice thick, relatively firm foam and upholstering fabric in colors I knew would match Eric’s house one day when I move. Yes, I think that far ahead.


Once the cushion was done it was time for paint. I got a quart of a nice, light and fluffy blue that matched the lighter blue in the fabric. It took 2 good coats to get the desired color and coverage.

314866_4368351812079_1064024845_n 400598_4368352332092_239786784_n

The sun was so bright it’s kind of hard to tell what shade of blue it is. But I now have a functional, not so outdated telephone desk. I don’t use it for a telephone desk. I use it kinda like a night stand with piles of books though! And May loves to sleep on the chair part. It’s amazing what about $25 and an afternoon can produce. Oh, and my mother was quite impressed and excited by my handy dandiness while they had been away.

I had also picked up a little sample green and painted my book case blue with light sea foam green accents. I had previously painted it the dark green with pink in middle school. I have no idea what I was thinking. Obviously, I hadn’t been. But I couldn’t have a nice pretty desk and a God awful bookshelf that didn’t match!