Let the Adventure Begin

Ethan and I are HUGE JRR Tolkein fans. We rotate through The Hobbit movies, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Pirates of the Caribbean on loop. Our special love of Middle Earth aided in our choice of #EAKAdventures16 as our general “couple hashtag.” This year for Ethan’s birthday, I got him LOTR, Blue-Ray, extended edition, and a large Smaug Pop figure. I didn’t realize he was a big one until they came in the mail, so that was a win!


To go along with the Lord of the Rings theme, Ethan got an unexpected gift.

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Though a fairly unexpected journey, we are so unbelievably blessed and excited to be embarking on it together! I also don’t think I will ever be able to top that surprise birthday gift! Yes, this means that there will be baby posts coming….eventually. I’m just about through the first trimester and am due at the end of December. My dad is a Christmas baby, I’m due a bit before that, but, we’ll see if we can hit the mark!

Being that we don’t know the sex of the baby yet, it has taken on a number of names. Ethan and my parents call it “BK” for Baby Knaub. Some of my friends and I call it “Squishy,” because it’s little and cute…just like in Finding Nemo. My friend Jess calls it “sweet n low” because my nickname was Splenda, so it’s only fitting to go with that theme. Ethan and I generally refer to it as “the bean.” We will be finding out the sex, but will have to wait until about August to find out. We will also share the name once we know. We have some solid options we’re playing with, but will make a solid decision once we know the sex.

We saw Ethan’s parents the day of his birthday, so we told them then. We live about an hour away from my parents, and schedules forced us to wait until Easter to tell them; thankfully not a very long period of time, just a few days. It was the perfect opportunity to bring them an Easter basket!

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Don’t worry, I fixed the year before I gave it to them. Pregnancy brain is a real thing! And yes, I did happen to have “Special Delivery” washi tape I had picked up at Target a few years ago.

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